Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Zoo Day with Easton!

Well, we had our first Zoo day of the year a few weeks ago when our sweet little friend Easton came to visit from South Carolina. His Mommy and I went to school together, all the way from elementary through high school and still keep in contact through-out the years. She is a sweet friend and a wonderful mother and I'm so glad we have kept in touch and we are both Mommy's at the same time. Our children are also close in age, Ashton & Analyn just loves it when they know we are going to see Easton!  Ashton didn't get to go with us but my niece Cadence did and we all had fun. No. 1 on the list was Easton's favorite: the ELEPHANTS! He is all about the elephants and I think he could of watched them all day long, it was precious.
 Looking at the Elephants, they seem like such tiny little tots looking over the fence! 
 We walked all over the zoo and rode on the train, the kids always love to ride it.

Easton, was so sweet he would look over the edge and just smile. Ana & I was in the car behind him.

 This was their favorite part I think, the petting zoo. They loved brushing the goats and petting them.
After we left the Zoo we drove over to out big mall to eat at the Rain Forest Cafe, the kids loved it. We even got to sit by the elephants which we all loved but Easton was just amazed and thought it was the coolest thing. It was pretty neat and we can't wait to see them again! Easton is the sweetest little thing and I could listen to him talk all day long, he has the softest, sweetest little voice and can just carry on a conversation about anything. Analyn may have a growled at him a few times and he just looked at her like what are you doing, it was so funny. Praying they can move closer so play dates will be all throughout the year! 

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  1. We had such a fun day with y'all! :) Miss you guys! I sure hope and pray we can move back soon so we can get together much more often!