Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Dreaded.......

PINK EYE, that is. Well, it all started a few weeks ago. Cadence, then Tucker, moved on to Chesney and the it hit Brother and I on the same day. I woke up mad, I'm not going to lie, I had never had it and am a very clean person. You can look at my hands and just tell I wash constantly or hand sanitize as everyone teases me. Well, I went to the Dr. got some drops, followed instructions and prayed my babies wouldn't get it. I kept telling the kids, "don't touch my face", "wash your hands", I would spray Lysol constantly. Then a week later...... Ashton woke up and said " Mom do I have PINK EYE"? I rolled over in a panic and it was there. Bless him, he has been so good about not touching his face, rubbing his eye or itching. I am praying so hard this is the end of the PINK EYE rage in our family. His eye looks completely back to normal, no more green stuff in the morning and not really pink at all, Praise God! That is some nasty stuff, I think I believe the ole' wives tale, you look at somebody who has and you get it!

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