Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Catch - Up

Life here lately has seem so BUSY..., guess that is for the lack in blogging. I am on the Hubby's computer and his has none of my pictures, so with that being said this will be a picture-less post. We have been super busy with a list of the following:

  • Ashton Registering for Kindergarten, I am still in a little sad Mommy mode over this one. I can't believe my first born is going to school, 5 days a week. Oh, how the time flies. 
  • Ashton graduating from Pre-K, with a ride in a Limo to his school. More to come on that.
  • Family coming in from Michigan, we had an awesome week with them.
  • My hometown's annual "Good Ole Days", where my niece got in the top 10 out of 31 contestants running for "Little Miss Good Ole Days" and my nephew got 2nd Runner Up in "Little Pee Wee Mister".
  • Cadence Graduating from Kindergarten, she done so well in her performance.
There has been much more going on besides the few highlights above, just enjoying our day to day. To me, even when I have nothing planned for the day something always comes up. Does that ever happen to you?

More to come on the Highlights above, please remember to keep Oklahoma in your prayers. I can't imagine what and how their hearts are hurting. Tornadoes are so strong a powerful, I have never been scared of the weather per say, but now I have a total different outlook. Praying for all those involved.

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