Saturday, October 6, 2012

My 1st Haircut...

Although, Annie doesn't have alot of hair, it seems to be a big fuzz ball in the back. It would be tangled after her bath and really fuzzy/knotty after nap, so I thought from maybe where she had laid on it so long it may of been dead on the ends. During Cade's birthday party, Aunt Teresa does hair and since she was here with her snip-snips, what a better time. I only got teary eyed (very proud of myself) but I was nervous on how she would sit still and I just wanted the ends nipped (the littlest amount possible) so she got a hair cut while eating a cup cake. What a better way than that? She sat still and done great!

Hopefully, Ann will have thick, curly hair just like her Daddy & Auntie. 

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