Sunday, October 7, 2012

Say a Little Prayer

As I lay here in my bed getting ready to say my prayers there is several people going through my mind. Two families I would like for you to add to your prayer list:
1. A young man that I went to school with was serving for our country and got shot 5 times and is in a hospital in Germany fighting for his life. Please pray for him and his family during this difficult time. He has a Facebook page dedicated to him, it is, Staying Strong for Franz. You can get updates and follow his recovery through that.
2. Is the family of Matt Turner. I personally do not know this family nor have I ever met them. Matt was killed in a car accident Saturday night. He leaves behind his wife Julie and baby girl Preslee. I stumbled across their blog while reading another blog of a friend. To me after I have read the post/ stories of people's lives it seems as they are not strangers but more of a friend, even though no connection my heart is breaking for this family.
Please say a prayer for these two families tonight.

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