Thursday, October 4, 2012

Catching Up......

With new changes and new routines, I have gotten behind on blogging. So let's catch up where I left off. I have been super busy with 2 busy little toddler's running around all day long leaves this Mama exhausted, most days. I am keeping my nephew full time now, it use to be just 2 days a week, now it is 5 since my SIL got a new job. Every time I go somewhere with Ana & Tucker, I just think to myself this is what it would be like with twins. It has been an adjustment but now it is our new normal and we love it. I love having my niece and nephew with me, Keith's too. This week Gage has spent the night with us twice. Garrett our nephew had knee surgery this week and is recovering well, he got hurt in a football game at the start of his season. Our same ole', same ole' has been happening pretty much. Cheering for the VOLS and the TITANS! Love em' no matter win or loose! Although, I am super proud of them in their win against the Lions!
We went down to watch the Dragon Boat races this past weekend, loved it. The kids were all interested as well.

 I could of watched this all day long, I loved it. We jokingly talked about signing up next year. I would have to get in shape.
This Diva, had COTTON CANDY for the first time!
 She loved it, to say the least
Celebrated a good friend of mine's Wedding Shower.....
 Congrats, Jamie & Justin

A special post coming tomorrow, can anybody guess what it is about?


  1. I would've never recognized Jamie! Where is she living at now?