Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Why Is It So HARD?

Truth be told, it's very easy. Just take it away.... What am I talking about? Analyn's friend, her pacifier.
I'm just going to say it like it is " I just can't, not right now". My only excuse I have is that, this is my last baby, the last child I will ever have to take a pacifier, pretty lame excuse, huh... I know within myself  I can, I have done it before and we were fine. I just can't, the pink horse "WubbaNub" you see here was the 1st one her daddy bought her when she was in the NICU, we lost it at Wal-Mart one Sunday and I thought my world was ending, I wanted to save it, for keepsakes. We got a red puppy and a yellow duck after that, she has been putting them in her mouth and pulling on the animal (what makes it her friend) and breaking the nipple part in half. So, the only thing we have left is our caterpillar one, Aunt Melissa got her. It just got mended by Great-Grand "Pa" today because it had a hole in it and the stuffing was falling out. She loves her friend but she only has it a nap and bedtime and it's almost as if she can't wait to get to her bed to love on it after a hard day's play. Ann is almost 2 and I know it is almost time, maybe past time but right now I just can't! 

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