Wednesday, August 22, 2012

How We Are Growing....

Ashton and Analyn are growing right on track and just perfect in my eyes. Both are so different it amazes me so much, I love their own unique personality and watching them grow everyday. Ashton, I will start with you...
You are such a sweet, caring and most of all a lovable little boy. You have the most tender soul and I can't tell you how many times a day you tell me " I love you the whole wide world", I melt every time I hear those words out of your mouth. You are such a little gentleman, always wanting to hold the door open for me as we walk into stores, trying to help your sister come down a step, you are always trying to teach her new things and you are so helpful to Mama. You always are by my side no matter where we are or what we are doing and you sleep with me every night. We just had an ENT appointment and you weighed in at 48 lbs., you have been around that mark for a while now. Sinus Infections haven't been our friend since you were little and your Pediatrician recommended we go see the ENT Dr., after seeing the Allergist and not getting no relief from our daily allergy medicine and nasal spray the ENT Dr. thought it would be best to remove your Adenoids. If that is what it is going to take to get you some relief from your sinus infections then that seems like our best route to take, Mama has been praying about this, for I am really nervous about surgery day. Other than that you are the same ole' picky little eater you have always been. Your favorites are brown sugar/cinnamon pop-tarts, macaroni, chicken nuggets (McDonald's), Zaxby's toast), ramen noodles, hot dog's, and cheese pizza. When it comes to your drinks your not so picky, although you drink V8 aka "Happy Juice" or you wouldn't drink it. I am so glad you like it because that is how you get most of your veggies, the only vegetable you like is corn (not on the cob), potatoes (french fry style, which takes a lot of the good out). You are wearing a size 6/7 (mostly 7) shorts and shirts, size 13/ 1 shoe. You are full of energy and always looking for your next adventure.

Compared to what Gee says, you are me made over from when I was a little girl your age. You have your Daddy's big brown eye's but your Mama's sassy attitude and independence. You love your crib and won't/ don't want to sleep with me for nothing. You are on the move from sun up to sun down and you love to go places. You can't stand to be told "No", it breaks your heart and you pucker that bottom lip out so far you almost trip over it. You are a loving little girl giving tons of kisses a day but don't want to be rocked/ sang to at night time. Just lay you down for bed and you go straight to sleep, you have been that way since birth, Mama was so sad, I couldn't sing to you. First thing you do in the morning is want a hair bow and  head straight to the kitchen for breakfast, you make a bee line for it, it's hilarious. We just went for your 18 month well check and you are growing great, weighing in at 23 lbs and you are going to be a tall/ skinny girl. You had to get 3 pokie's and it was no fun but you were a trooper. You don't really care for milk, although sometimes at night you want it, you have been that way since we took you off formula. You are a WONDERFUL eater. I am so happy about this, you will eat pretty much anything that is put in front of you. Your favorite is McDonald's french fries, you always want them no matter if you have just ate, you love them. You are always trying on clothes/helping Mama with the laundry, putting on shoes and carrying around a purse. You are all girl, my little princess. I love how prissy you are, I am always laughing at your funny ways. You are starting to talk a lot, your favorite word being baby, everything is baby, I'm trying to get you to put Mama & Baby together, Mama Baby.

Ashton & Analyn, you two are everything I dreamed of and more. I Love You to the Moon & Back!

Your Proud Mama

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