Sunday, March 18, 2012

This & That

Ashton celebrated Green Day on Thursday at Day School, he wore his "This is my Lucky shirt" shirt. He was really excited that everyone there was in Green. 
 I tired to get a picture of Analyn and him together but take one guess by looking at this picture.... we have a
 WALKER !!!!
Ana is always on the move since she has been walking. She has just recently taken off this past week, already getting to the point where she doesn't want to hold our finger anymore. She is still wobbly but that doesn't stop her one bit. Down on the farm we have been trying to take care of a baby calf, it was born on Monday and it doesn't want to stand/walk or suck from its mother or off a bottle. The vet has been out twice and we are working very hard with it but I am really starting to wonder it is going to be okay. 
 It is the sweetest thing and Gee just holds it in her lap trying to help it stand, she has been going out around the clock for feedings and calf therapy.
Ashton sitting on his favorite "OLD"
Analyn had another pageant today, she did well, we got Number 2 Princess. She got a crown and trophy and her state entry paid. 
 Overlook my facial expression, at this point I am pretty sure I was trying to make sure Ana didn't drop her trophy and she was not wanting to let it go. She is very sassy and when she wants something its very hard for her to give it up.
After a little shopping we headed to my parents for a cookout, they had cheeseburgers, hot dogs and all the fixings. It was delicious as always. Granddaddy & Gee got the kids a trampoline for Christmas and my brother put it together this weekend. The kiddos loved it, maybe I did too. 

 They had the best time, it wore them out. That's about our weekend in a nut shell, hope you all had a Happy St. Patrick's Day.

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