Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Decisions, Decisions, DECISIONS......

Is the way I''m feeling right now and it all revolves around selling our home or not selling. Due to the amount of time we have owned the house we haven't had time to build equity in it. The economy is not helping at all and we knew going into this we was in the hole. We have had several, several lookers and even a couple of offers all being way lower than our budget can just allow us to go with. With that being said, our Realtor has thought it would be in our best interest to rent our home. Keith and I are not comfortable with that, our home is almost 7 years old and in really good shape. I don't want somebody to come in and trash it, not all renters would do that, some people might not care because it's not theirs. I have been a renter before and treated the property as if were my own. Not all people are like me. So, we threw that idea out the window. Leave it on the market or take it off the market? I want my children to grow up with my friends kiddos and to be closer to my family. Granted we are only about 35 minutes away from my parents and we see my friends children very often. Shopping for clothing, groceries, and everything pretty much is done in the city I live now. I love our home we live in now, if this makes since at all when I walk in the door it smells like home, feels like home, we love it. There is more to offer in the school systems where we live, educational and athletic. It is just a hard decision, but until we get more equity in our home looks like we may be staying. With that being said we have done some remodeling and as soon as it is finished I will share before and after pictures. I plan on doing alot of painting and organizing. This is basically my journal/scrapbook and I just wanted to get it out there how I'm feeling, I'm praying about it. Please pray too.

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  1. Oh Ashley...I know exactly what you are feeling. I'll be praying for yall as you make this decision. We've went back and forth between where we would live if we ever got to move back. It's hard!