Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Birthday Week

It seems instead of a Birthday, we have a Birth-Week. Ashton's birthday fell on a Wednesday, so Monday he wanted to go to Chuckie Cheese and have cupcakes. He loves that place and for Ana to be only 15  months, she loves it too.

 On Thursday, I took cupcakes to his school. You will see all the cupcakes in the pictures are white on white, that's all he will eat and lately he won't eat the cake.

Sunday, we had all our family and friends over. It was beautiful outside, couldn't of asked for a prettier day.
 Ashton wanted a Polar Express party, he loves that movie, watches it all the time. Since it was a theme where I couldn't buy plates and all the decor to match, I just matched colors. The cake was made by Gee and we ordered the edible topper off Etsy. We had pizza and chips/dip for lunch.
Since it was so pretty everyone stayed outside pretty much the whole time. 
 Sweet Sophie
 Aunt Nancy & Ana
 Party Friends
 Aunt Teresa & Ana 
Our Little Walker 

Ashton got lots of great gifts, thankful for each and every one
Make A Wish... Happy 4th Birthday 

Ashton said the sweetest thing when he got done opening his gifts and I want to remember it forever. He said " Thank you for coming to my party, thank you God, and Thank you Jesus". He is the sweetest thing, it melted my heart.

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