Friday, March 30, 2012

The Aquarium

Here lately we have been loving this beautiful weather, taking advantage of being outside and going for evening walks. Last Friday, we went to the aquarium and had a nice time. They were doing some remodeling and when they are finished they will have BIG River Monsters... Analyn has been once before but was just a tiny baby and strolled around, this time she wanted out and to be walking. Ashton  is so into reading about things, we read about everything and took a picture of just about everything.

After the aquarium we walked the downtown area and really enjoyed ourselves just looking around. They had a walking bridge and it was beautiful. 

 Ashton loves taking pictures and he took this one of me. He done real well to be only 4 years old.
Ana took a little nap

 Indulged in a little ice cream, it was so good

 On the sidewalk it had "steps" to different dance moves, so neat 
Our view from the bridge, we had a great time. Looking back, Analyn and Ashton's last aquarium visit
The only picture I had of them together, oh how they have grown....

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