Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Fun of T-Ball

My Little All Star's

Yellow Jackets 2011
Like, I posted previously, T-Ball is a story all on its own. Here it goes. My little man, Mr. Ashton, doesn't want to play anymore. His first game was 2 Saturday's ago and he hated it. I mean, hated it. Let me just tell you he did not want to play, more or less nobody was going to talk him into playing.  I tried every which way from bribing him, I told him I would go out there and he was just not having it. I hate quitting anything, if I know we can accomplish and fulfill the task. I feel Ashton is young, even though it is a 3&4 year old team and maybe he is just not ready to play. He said "Mama please don't make me play", he was crying, which in return I cried because I was so looking forward to my little slugger playing ball. I just had it in my mind he would love it but he hates it actually. So, needless to say he is not playing ball anymore, but I still get to see my niece play. Cadence had a game last night and she done great, she hit that ball and made it all the way home. She is so cute just running with all her strength, I probably look like one silly aunt, cheering her all the way. Go Sister!


  1. Sweet little Ashton. He'll be ready soon enough. Don't rush it. One day you'll be wondering where the time has gone? 3 is a little young though. I asked Jordan the other day how old they had to be and he said when he played you had to be 5. I told him Ashton was playing and he was only 3 and he said they mustv'e changed it. Anyways, enjoy your time watching Cadence. Soon enough you'll be watching Ashton too.

  2. Poor Ashton! Maybe one day he'll want to play tball!