Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Review

We had a great weekend, the hubby and I enjoyed some kinda alone time. I don't know if I told you readers but my mom has always kept Ashton 2 nights a month for Keith and I, on the weekend when Cade is at his mom's. I feel it is really important for my husband and I and for all married couples with children to have a date night. Since we have moved away from my parents Ashton does not get to see them as often as he use to, we use to live like 500 feet away from them and we would see them every day, my mom kept him while I was working and then all of a sudden we moved to another town like 40 miles away, so we all miss seeing each other. When you go from everyday to once or twice a week that's an adjustment for everybody. So, those two nights a month was Ashton's time with Gee Gee and Granddaddy, he loves spending time with them. Since, we have had Little Miss we haven't really spent much one on one time with each other, all the hustling and bustling of getting in routine with all 5 of us instead of 4 and just getting in the new grove and all the extra unexpected drama I had going on right after having her (with my bladder not waking back up after surgery) we have just been supper busy. So, I wanted time with my love but was not ready to send her to spend the night with anybody, my cousin was having a birthday party and mom took Ashton so it was the perfect opportunity for a kinda alone date night. I have not wanted to get the baby out because of all the sickness going around and it's cold and on and on. I just don't want her getting sick again, the NICU experience scared me to death. We have just been hibernating. Keith went to the grocery and picked up a few items and I made this salmon dish and we just enjoyed watching TV and spending time together.  The little one behaved herself very well and Ashton didn't have to miss the party because mom was scared of GERMS! Here is the salmon I made... Keith rated it 4 out of 5 stars.
This was very, very easy. Salmon fillets, lemon juice, mushrooms, dry Italian seasoning mix and some water. I don't eat Salmon this way but the hubby very much liked it. I am not the best cook but since we have not gotten out I find myself cooking more and more. Keith only eats chicken and turkey meat so I have had to learn to cook differently than the way my mother cooked. That's okay it is more healthier for the whole family. I still love meat and taters... On the other hand, the snow is just now melting away and the weather is still very cold. Precious lost her belly button cord on Saturday and had her first bath then, Keith and I both enjoyed bathing her together for her first bath, it went very well, she loved it. What girl doesn't love a good bath?
 Daddy (being silly for the camera) holding Analyn after her bath all cozy and warm
 Mommy bathing her beauty
All snuggled in my pj's
She very much enjoyed her bath. I was so happy, I enjoyed every moment of this.
My parents came over for dinner tonight and I made lasagna, it was so delicious. Very good. My mom and I just finished watching the Bachelor, any other Bachelor fans out there? I would love to know who is your favorite. I have a few I really like and some I am not to sure of. Leave me a comment let me know who you like. Looks like another week of hibernating for us, my husband was like don't you want to get out and I was like NO there are too many GERMS out there. I guess sooner or later I will have to. 
 Ashton and Gee Gee "suppose to be sleeping"  Love this picture......


  1. Well seems like you are doing the right thing by staying in!! We have had so much sickness in our whole family since the first of the year. But everyone seems to be feeling alot better except me!!! Hopefully today will be better for me.

    As for the bachelor!! My fav is Emily but I know he won't choose her because these men always go for the wild and crazy girls not the sweet goodie-too-shoes girls!! Glad the vampire girl went home she was weird and now the lunatic Michelle needs to go.

  2. My favorite is Emily on The Bachelor!! Love that show! I haven't watched last night's episode yet, though! I love that last picture...soooo sweet! Analyn looks so snuggly in her pj's! Precious!