Thursday, January 13, 2011

Analyn's Kidney Update

This week we had our appointment with the Pediatric Urology Doctor at a local hospital where they were to look at Little One's kidney to make sure everything was going to be okay. First, of all the doctor's and nurse's were amazing. Great Staff.... I was very nervous on the way there, #1. Weather was bad because of the snow and it was snowing as we were driving and it was just getting colder because our appointment was in the afternoon, #2. My mother was driving (I am still not able to drive, won't be too much longer) and she hates driving on the interstate, I mean hates it, makes her very nervous (and the weather was bad), #3. I had no idea what they were going to do to my baby or what they were going to say and I'm thinking in my head worse case scenario. So, we get lost on the way there, went south off an exit instead of north, had to park in a parking garage (I do not like them), freezing cold temperature outside and can't figure out where we need to go once we are at the elevator, had to get back in truck drive up another level and finally found our way and had mom drop me and precious off at the sky-walk. Now, we are inside and going in to the office and dreading what they are going to say. Doctors come in, we talk and listen and after all my worrying, the Doctor tells me he believes it will re-correct itself. Praise the LORD !!!! We will be going back in a few months to do another ultrasound and if it is worse then, we will do further testing. I am not even going to mention what we would have to do because God is Good and He is going to heal our baby. The Doctor's are really confident that she will out grow this and it will correct itself, so I am taking their word and praying everything will be okay. So, please pray with us that this problem will resolve. Analyn was amazing and just let them do whatever  they needed to do and I am so proud of her.
Gee Gee was there for Me (as always), I needed all the support I could have
We took a few pictures, it was our first visit
My little Princess
My little Prince, baking cookies for us to enjoy
 A fun counting project as well
 Time for SPRINKLES 

We bake cookies almost every night, he loves the warm out of the oven. We still have snow here on the grounds and it doesn't look like it is going to melt anytime soon. I do believe I am ready for the weather to warm up and spring to arrive. I will probably be waiting a while. Fixing to write a to-do list, seems like I get further with one. I have so many things I want to get accomplished. Guess it is time to get busy, we hope you enjoy your day!


  1. That is awesome news Ashley, Praise the Lord and I will keep praying for you baby girl.. I love her outfit she is too cute

  2. I'm so happy the doctors think it will correct itself! Yay! That is wonderful news, Ashley! Your little man is so cute baking cookies...what special times!

  3. What a beautiful baby! I see precious little girls like yours all day long in the ER during flu season but unfortunately I'm having to poke and prod so they don't look as happy as yours!

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  4. Analyn looks SO cute in her outfit!!! :)