Friday, January 21, 2011

4 Generations & Family Visitors

Four Generations: Me, My Grandmother, Analyn and My Mom
This week we finally decided we should get out, on Wednesday I took Analyn to meet her Great Grandmother, my mom's mother. We call her "Boppy" and she was very excited  when we surprised her with a visit. It was a very special moment for me as well, I have always dreamed of having a little girl and now I got one and all of us there together was really special. She just fell in love with her. 
 She held for hours and just talked and talked to her. I am so glad we made it up to see her.
We also stayed that evening for dinner at Granny & Pa's, we enjoyed tacos and chicken tortilla soup. It was delicious. My Aunt and Uncle had not seen her yet and they also came up for dinner, so needless to say Analyn loved all the attention, especially being held... she loves for someone to hold her. 

Malia, Zoe, Analyn and Sister (Cadence)
Malia and Analyn
Cadence and Analyn
Bailey and Analyn
They all had a great time passing her around. Other than that, we have just been relaxing and taking it easy, we haven't been out since Wednesday. I can't believe I haven't gotten cabin fever or anything. I think it is all my scare for my babies catching the flu or some virus. Seems like on everybody's blog and all the talk going around that there are some pretty serious bugs going around. I don't want it near us. So, we just hibernate. Speaking of.... did anybody else get SNOW? We got some last night and it was beautiful, I could not believe how hard it fell and covered our ground so quickly. There was not as much as last time but we still got a little over an inch, I'm guessing. This is what the big brother has been up to lately.
He would do this all day....
Look how she has grown... 
This is how our Sweet Pea loves to sleep, all swaddled and in her boppy (I think it makes her think she is being held all bundled up and laying in it)
Hope you all have a WARM WEEKEND!

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  1. I love the four generations special! I can't believe how much Analyn has grown!