Saturday, December 18, 2010

Busy as Bee's, in the Winter....

Where do I start, I feel awful about how I have slacked on my blogging here lately. Sorry, to all you followers. I have just been super busy. Today, my dad's side of the family is celebrating our Christmas together and while my sausage balls finish baking and my chocolate no bakes harden, I thought I would jump on here and give a little  update. I don't know how many times I say this but "I love this time of year". Listening to the holiday music channel, fighting the crowd, baking goodies, wrapping presents (love it, it's relaxing to me), and just everybody getting together with such cheer, makes me feel all warm and cozy. Besides that we will be welcoming our new addition, very, very soon. I can't wait to see this child God has gave us, I feel so blessed. This past week has been crazy, going to the hospital for contractions that were 4 minutes apart and being sent home, all of dehydration. I feel much better now since I got that IV, so amazing how that can work so quickly on your body. Also, taking prescription Iron, to help with my anemia. I have had some trouble with that this pregnancy ( both pregnancy's actually) this one worse I think. Now, for all you mom's out there, for me every pregnancy is different, knowing it would be but not knowing how different they would be. Anyways, it's all good, don't let that discourage you from having another, lol. Ashton is getting so big so fast and loving the season as well. He wants to make daily trips to go see Santa I believe. Cade recently had a school Christmas program (will post pictures later) and it was so cute, he wouldn't look at Daddy to get any good pictures but we got some. Keith and I have been trying to get some last minutes gifts and he is not the holiday shopper, he doesn't like the crowds, and I am so indecisive it is not even funny. Last night we went to Target, Toys R Us and then back to Target, I was cracking up. He just wanted me to make up my mind and I couldn't. So, I believe I have my mind made up and we are going back to Target in a few. Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday and I will return with pictures from our Christmas at Pa and Granny's. Saturday Blessings.


  1. You are so funny going back and forth! Hahaha! That's something I'd do, except I don't like fighting the crowds!

  2. Hey Ashley! I don't know if you recognized me but, we went to Elementary AND High School together! :)hehe! And im not sure if you have seen my husband around, but i'm pretty sure we still live pretty close! email me if you want to! encthon(at)gmail(dot)com