Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas at Pa & Granny's

Yesterday, we celebrated Christmas with my dad's side of the family and we had a great time. Every year for Christmas we have breakfast (no matter what time of the day we get together) instead of the usual meal most families have. I love breakfast, so that is perfectly fine with me. I forgot to take a picture of our feast but it consisted of: biscuits, gravy, country ham, bacon, sausage, eggs, fried potatoes (granny's are the best I have ever eaten and nobody can make them the same), corn, macaroni and cheese, sausage balls, fried apples, cinnamon rolls, crescent rolls with bacon and sour cream inside, no bake chocolate oatmeal cookies, oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and orange juice pound cake. It was so delicious. I hope I am not forgetting anything and I being pregnant, ate my heart out. It was so good. After our meal, we opened presents. The children went first in the order of youngest to oldest and here is how it went.
Tucker with his mommy and sister (she helped him), he got clothes and socks
Ashton, he got a new tractor with wagon, Dora movie and Max and Ruby Movie
Cadence, she got Tangled Barbie doll, coloring book and shirt
Zoe, she got an Easy Bake Oven and silly bands, Justice jacket, Monogrammed Blanket and Lunch Tote
Cade, he got a Star Wars sticker book and Battleship (the game)
Malia, she got a Justice shirt, Monogrammed Backpack, Blanket and Lunch Tote
Bailey, she got a Monogrammed Purse, Blanket, Lunch Tote and Matching Scarf, Gloves and Head Wrap
All the kids got $25.00 and a mini LED Flashlight from Pa & Granny (for some reason all of our kids love a flashlight). Then it was the adults (since there is so many, we just draw names) and it went in order from oldest to youngest and this is how it went.
Pa, he got cologne 

Granny, she got a coffee maker, set of 3 Pyrex dishes and sheets
Thomas, he got a Devotional book, Treat Basket and Smart Wool socks
Dad, he got Pajama Pants, favorite Candy and Car Air Freshners
Mom, she got an Ice Cream Maker (the kids were so excited)
Husband, got a Barnes & Noble gift card
Dawn, she got Dish Towels and a C.B gift card. Brian, he got popcorn (yearly gift) and a C.B gift card
Every year their daughters (Bailey, Malia and Zoe) always make them something and this year they gave them a Handmade Quilt (mostly Malia's work) and is was beautiful. Just made you want to cry.
 Normally, it is just a gift for their mom but this year they didn't want to leave dad out so they made him this (mostly Bailey's work), it was very touching as well.
 My turn, I got a large Griddle for making pancakes (Hubby loves pancakes)
I also got a beautiful set of Gloves, Scarf and matching Hat
Jeremy, he got a Spotlight with batteries
Chesney, she got 3 piece Pyrex Dishes, 2 Scentsy bars and Forever 21 gift card
Tucker just had to much fun, he is so precious. After everyone passing him around and a yummy snack, it was nap time. Now, since we draw names everyone just gets their gift from the person who got their name. On the other hand Granny always has something up her sleeve. This year she had 5 boxes (one for each couple, plus an extra) and she wanted us to play dirty Santa. Uncle Brian #1, Jeremy #2, Myself #3 and Dad #4. So, we played and this year she made us all Handmade Quilts and a Handmade Afghan. They were all so beautiful, I can't believe how she is so talented. So after we had all gotten our gifts, nobody wanted to swap because they were all so pretty we just kept our own. Then she pulls out the #5 box and says who wants to trade. I am always thinking what is in that box, so I asked the Hubby and he said we would trade, so we did. I gave up my box and opened this one, and guess what it had a Quilt but no Afghan. I was so upset. Now everyone has a Handmade Quilt and Afghan and I just have a Handmade Quilt and a glass candy dish. I was very thankful, don't get me wrong but I wanted an Afghan too. So, with much of this face, Granny gave me an Afghan as well. 
Now that is a horrible picture, but it got me an Afghan.

And that was Christmas at Pa & Granny's, hope you enjoyed. Only 6 days until Santa comes, so be on your best behavior. Hope you all have a wonderful week and be Merry!


  1. That breakfast sounds so good!! YUMMM!!!

  2. Yummy breakfast!! Lovin the quilt idea...if I knew how to quilt...haha

  3. Sounds like ya'll had a good time. Hopefully ya'll will have your new addition before Santa comes Friday night!!! That'd be exciting.

  4. Ashley i love your blog. I get on here every week and see if u have updated it. Christmas at looked so great. Your granny is so talented. i love how the kids are making the quilts and stuff to and getting into that. I wish i had started younger when i had more time. Well i just wanted to wish u a merry christmas and good luck with everything. Miss u guys so much. Much love Jessica Bogard Heffner