Sunday, November 17, 2013

October 15, 2013

The day that changed our way of life, for my parents, my brother and I, and the rest of our family. After, a short trip to Michigan to finalize Grandpa's passing (October 5th), my Dad had been having come pain in his stomach and back. Like as if he had a virus or if he had done a ton of sit-ups, and his left leg was also bothering him so he went to the Dr., on Monday the 14th. They arranged a CT scan on Tuesday, Dad worked Tuesday and then went to his apt. I had planned on meeting Mom and Dad after their apt., they had Cadence with them as well, what happened later that day and the days to follow, never once entered our mind! After, his scan they told him he needed to go back to his primary care and meet with them. In between all this Mom and I were, texting/ calling  back and forth and I had just decided to meet them at the Dr's office. Before I could get over there, she had called and said they were going to the hospital, Dad was being admitted, something wasn't good and that's pretty much all she said, trying not to get Dad worked up any more than what he was already and so my niece wouldn't worry.  So to fast forward, a few days in the hospital and awaiting test results from a biopsy and such we had an answer.  My Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer, that has spread to his liver and he has a mass in front of his colon. Talk about your world crashing down, falling apart, etc... Dad can't be sick he's the strongest person in our family, our rock, the one everybody comes to for anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Many Dr's apt's later, more scans and test, we have began a new way of life. It has changed in a way I had never planned. My Dad and Mom is no longer working and is under going Chemo every other week, comes home with a 46 hour drip, and goes back to have it removed on Day 3 of treatment week. His appetite is not the same, his energy level is not the same, he can't wear blue jeans anymore, everything has changed! Our whole lookout on life has changed, we were given a timeline but only the man upstairs knows his time and we are very THANKFUL that we have had  time and praying for God to let him be here with us as long as he can. I go an visit my parents everyday and try to do everything I can for them. Treasure each and every second with the one's you hold dearest to your heart for you never know when something like this can happen to you, and it does to people all over the world everyday, this time it just hit home. Please continue to pray for my family, all of us.

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