Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013, Part One

This summer we decided we would take the kids to the beach and then we would take them to Disney. We vacationed in Destin for 5 nights and then we planned on staying in Orlando for 4 nights, but we learned this year you can't always stick to your plans. More to come on that! Mom and I drove down with all 5 kids on Wednesday, Keith met us after he got off from work and our vacation begun.... This was Tucker & Analyn's first time at the beach, they loved it!
 As soon as we got there, we went straight for the beach! 
 Everybody checking it out....
The waves were so rough while we were there, we spent alot of time in the pool! 

 Ashton & Cadence love to swim....

 We discovered a love for AJ's SEA BLASTER last vacation and we went again this year...

 Everybody got to drive the boat! 

Beautiful Sunset

 Enjoyed everyday playing in sand and ocean! 

 Took Family Pictures! 
Built Sand Castles and enjoyed just being at my favorite place! 

Part Two, coming soon!!! 

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  1. So pretty! Looks like yall had a fun time!