Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I feel for YOU.....

Are the words I heard from a complete stranger as I am impatiently waiting upon checkout, at our local consignment sale! I have never volunteered before but have always been a consignor. I love consignment sales! So, in order to shop even earlier than the consignors you can volunteer your time, make an extra 10% on your sales, receive a $10.00 gift card but most importantly shop before every one else. So, I volunteered.  I get at the sale to shop early, knowing Ana is tired but she has a full belly, we have our games, phone and her pen and writing tablet (she loves to write), so we should be okay. I remember from taking the children previously that it can be extremely stressful, but since she is usually so good we should be okay. I jokingly say to the ladies in front of me that she is tired so hopefully (actually praying) she would fall asleep by me pushing her in the stroller so I could take my time and shop. Well, 5 minutes in, okay maybe like as soon as I start looking, she starts crying. I came in prepared, gave her every toy we brought in, nothing is working. Imagine a room full of other Moms (about 40) and Me with a screaming 2 year old. Not just your average crying, screaming! She was so mad and so upset because she is being made to sit in her stroller, that she is throwing a huge fit. I try and try to console her but nothing works, NOTHING!!!!! I finally give in about 45 minutes later, paid and left. While I was looking other shoppers were like,  it's okay, we have all been through this, bless her and so on. Then the final words, I FEEL FOR YOU, while I am standing in the check-out line. At this point I am sweating and just praying " Please God get me out of here as fast as you can". So, we get to the car and not even a 1/2 mile down the road she is out like a light. I wrote this post to remember this day, so I can tell her about it down the road, but after all the frustration her and I both went through everyone has bad days. This just so happen to be one for her and I, it all boiled down to her being made to sit in the stroller, strapped in and not being able to run around wild. I felt as if some people probably thought why didn't I leave sooner than what I did, but where I am getting to is that I am the parent and there was nothing wrong with me making her sit in a stroller. She had toys and things to keep her occupied, she was perfectly fine.Today was just a little test for the both of us and I know we are not always going to see eye to eye! Mama, loves you sweet girl!

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  1. Oh honey!! Hahaha! I always start sweating when that happens to me...lol!!