Sunday, January 27, 2013

Good Ole' Fashion: Brain Dump

Not really too much going on in our neck of the woods (as us country folk say), just the normal day to day business of life. We went to church today and I really must say I am loving this church. Coming from a small baptist church to a large  (really huge) church, I didn't know how I would adjust but I am loving it and so are the kids. Ashton ask when we are going back and I love to hear those words come out of his mouth.  Other than that our regular, Tuesday's & Thursday's are school days. Analyn has started going as well and she loves it, I was very hesitant on entering her at such an early age but she would get very upset when we would take Ashton so I thought we would do a trial run. We did and she is such a big girl and practically runs in the door in the mornings.
This is her on her 1st day, she wouldn't be still or look at me for anything. I'm sure you notice her "C" ( what she calls her pacifier) and we are doing our best to take it away. She doesn't have it in the day just at night time. That morning I didn't put it in my little hide-away and she found  it. Oh well, we are doing our best. 
My Little Man, is doing very well. I just can't get it out of my head that he will be starting Kindergarten in the fall, I am a little emotional about it. He is ready and will do great in all area's, especially meeting new friend's. He is just like his Mama, a social butterfly! I on the other hand will miss him terribly during the day. I have lot's of plans for us this summer, including a trip to the Corvette Museum. He has really gotten into car's lately and he is really wanting to go. I didn't do a summer bucket list last year but I'm going to this year. One major thing is we are going to: DISNEY!!!  I can't wait, I am just as excited as the kid's are. 
This was from our last visit, proudly showing off the baby bump. I was pregnant with Ann (7 months). Looking forward to this year's trip. I really didn't set any New Year's resolutions, but I have some goals in my mind. I want to become healthier, more organized, to be a better Christian and to be the best Mama to my babies. I had an awesome example, and I still have a great Mom (she is my B.F.F) I strive to do that every day and I pray about it. My children are my world and I am so proud to be their Mom, I want to be the best Me & Mom,  I can be for them! Just a little brain dump on this Sunday night. Have a good week, my friends! 

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