Wednesday, September 12, 2012

She is Queen....

My sweet and precious little niece got elected as Queen of her Kindergarten class. For all of you locals that read my blog you know about the "Harvest Festival". Well once she got Queen, let the fundraising begin.... or let the exhaustion set in (that's the way I felt). The grades are broke up into 3 different levels, her level being K-1st grade and whoever raised the most money in those grades, the King & Queen of one class, got a crown the evening of the harvest festival. Well, guess what this Aunt was out to do? Get my baby girl that crown. Now, remind you she just turned 5, heard crown, saw sparkles and fake diamonds and knew it must be hers. I done everything I could to help her get it and SHE WON! I was beyond excited when we got the text. Our fundraising (2 weeks) consisted of selling homemade fried pie's and homemade biscuit's each morning to the employee's of the courthouse, a local body shop and a little market. We had car washes on both Saturday's, a Chicken & Dressing dinner on a Sunday, sold BBQ lunches to employee's at local business's, the kids at the school could tye-dye a shirt on the playground and we had a bounce house and snacks to sell on the playground as well.  We also hosted a cornhole tournament which didn't go over too well but ended up being a family/friend fun night.  We sold raffle tickets on a barn quilt, oak rocking chair, cornhole game set and quilt. We saw late, late nights and early mornings but we had fun as a family working together. Cadence's festival is this weekend so you will be seeing her in her beautiful dress soon. Her class room total was $3,528.61 (not bragging at all, this is my journal and for remembering years down the road).

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