Monday, February 6, 2012

Week 5

Project 365, Week 5: January 29-February 5, 2012

Hope I am not boring you with these weekly post, I don't think we do all that much in one week but since this is basically our scrapbook so it will be fun looking back...

Sunday: Last minute decision we went to the circus, we had a great time. Ashton & Tucker fell asleep, so that left me, Sister & Gee watching, lol. It was a great circus.
Monday: Ashton went back to the allergy specialist, for our skin testing. He is allergic to most molds, pollen and some tree/weed mixture. Since there is pretty much of that stuff in our air most of the year we are on a daily nose mist/Zyrtec at night time. He done so well, very proud of him. 

Tuesday: Day School

Wednesday: Relaxed at home

Thursday: Day School, Gee spent the night with us.

Friday: Spent most of the day at Gee's, playing outside enjoying the nice weather. Ordered carry out pizza and watched red box. 

Saturday: Weekly grocery shopping and out to dinner. 

 Sweet Sleeping Babies...

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  1. I bet the circus was a lot of fun!!

    What's his birthday theme? I have thought about your clue and don't get it! :)