Saturday, February 18, 2012

Not My Style

of Blogging.... I tried it and it's just not my style. I like Project 365 maybe for others, just not me. I feel like I posted much more interesting things and maybe kept up with things better my old way. With that being said, no more Project 365 for me. My little man had a Valentines party at school this week and boy do they go all out for V-Day. I remember when I was in school I just passed out and received the little folded cards, Ashton came home with bags full of candy, cookies and all kinds of goodies. I was so surprised by his treats, he decorated a cute box at school and all of his Valentines wouldn't fit. I will have to post a picture soon. Here he his on V-Day, ladies don't get no ideas, ha.
He is a cutie, for sure. Little Miss is almost walking, as soon as she gets her confidence built up she will be off. She will take several steps in a row, realize whats she has done and sits. Like did I just do that. Yesterday we had a lazy day and stayed in our pj's all day, so nice. If only we had snow. I wish we would get some, so we could play in it.
 I think Ana has the tiniest legs. She has a little belly on her but from her belly down she is so tiny, she is very small compared to Ashton at this age.
Ana & Sister have matching slippers. Getting Ana to keep them on is another story in-itself. Ashton had been wanting to sleep in my shirts, I remember doing this when I was a child. It is so sweet and every night he ask to wear one. Since it was just Ashton and I for a while he was pretty much always slept with me. It's not that he won't sleep in his own bed because he will, sometimes he sleeps with me sometimes he don't. I guess its just what he feels like. I captured this picture the other night and nothing sweeter than your baby sleeping so peacefully. I don't think that will ever get old. This night he was in my bed.
This was a first for Analyn, we had the carpet cleaner come, so I was buying time with her because she was ready to lay down for her morning nap and she fell asleep in the highchair. Bless her..
Have a Good Weekend!

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  1. Sweet kiddos. Loved Ashton's shirt for Vday. Love Ana's Tutu, too!!!