Monday, January 30, 2012

Week 4

January 22-29, 2012

Sunday: We visited a new church, loved it. We are in the process of finding a home church, we have visited a few different ones. I knew this process was not going to be easy, before moving when I got married I attended the same church for over 12 years. Since being married and moved, I was looking for a church closer to home. Long story, short I really enjoyed this new church and Ashton wanted to go again Monday morning. That made me so happy, my main goal is to find a place that my children really enjoy. I love the fact that when I am in worship the children are in worship, on their level.

Monday: Lazy Day, as you can see most Monday's for us are stay at home days. Usually my day to get caught up on cleaning/laundry from the weekend.

Tuesday: Day School and I took my Granny for her epidural steroid injection. Analyn was up most of the night teething, which has been a battle for her.

Wednesday: Spent the day with my Mom.

Thursday: Day School, enjoyed a delicious dinner with the Family.

Friday: Keith had his check-up with his heart Dr. all looked well and he is currently trying to get him off of one of his blood pressure medicines. Enjoyed the evening at home.
Saturday: Church again, this church also has Saturday night services (it's a HUGE church), and to dinner with the whole family. This was Analyn's first time going and staying in the nursery. When you take your children to the nursery/class they give you a sticker with a code, if you are needed your code will appear during service. I was waiting and waiting for my code to pop up for Analyn, but to my surprise it never did. The sweet gentleman at the door said they walked the church a few times, she shed a few tears but overall done wonderful. Made this Mama happy.

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