Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 3

Sunday: Went to Church
Monday: Relaxed with my loves
Tuesday: Ashton Day School
Wednesday: Lazy Day
Thursday: Ashton went to the Allergy Specialist, we go back for a skin test in a few weeks. Gee and Cousins came for a play date. Cooked a big dinner and Keith's friend, Kevin came.
Friday: Enjoyed grocery shopping with 3 kiddos. Had a fun night of pizza and monopoly.
Saturday: We celebrated our nephew's 16th Birthday... Garrett got his license. Went to Bailey's basketball game, they also hosted 8th grade night.
 Happy Birthday Garrett! 
Also, while we were at the ball game I noticed Ana has 2 more teeth coming in on the bottom, we are so excited!!!! Seems that she is getting them in 2 at a time, I know that it must be painful. Here a little while back she was so sick with a  fever and all. I really feel like it was her teeth. I hope those symptoms don't come back. When all of these work there way all the way through we will have 8....

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