Monday, July 18, 2011

Doctor Visit's & More

On last Friday, Ana had her 6 month well checkup. Everything went great, she was her happy self on appointment day. She weighed in at 16.2 lbs and 28 inches long (tall girl) and everything looked and sounded good. Got 3 shots and the oral medicine they give through the mouth. That evening she had a low temp. and by Saturday she just wasn't her self, I thought she was just being restless and a little fussy from her shots. By late Saturday evening I knew I would be calling the Dr. in the morning, thank goodness our pediatrician office's has a Saturday & Sunday walk-in clinic. We went in and we was told we had an upper respiratory infection (viral) so just a cough like syrup was given to help her sleep better at night (an over the counter combo of 2 medicines that in young children is known as a prescription). She was only given 2 ml's before bedtime. Monday, she wasn't getting any better, I thought worse so I called back into the office and talked with our Dr. and she thought we should try an antibiotic, so we did, Z-pack but liquid form. Seemed to be working but on Wednesday her cough was getting more barky and deep. So, I called back in and made an appointment. We went in and sure enough Dr. heard some wheezing. Here we go down to x-ray and lungs were clear but starting to get a bronchial look to them, so to be on the safe side we was given a steroid and breathing treatments.  Ana was unable to take the steroid due to every time it was given she would get sick, it was pitiful. However, breathing treatments were completed but not easy for either one of us. She hated them, I mean hated them. To me it was very hard to see her so upset with them but a.) it was not hurting her at all and b.) she had to have them. Thank goodness that is complete. That same day she had an appointment with the Dermatologist. We are going back tomorrow to speak with him again, I want to be a 100% sure on what it is before I talk about it. They said it is nothing to worry about but, when we first went she only had one bump and just last night I found another one starting to develop. I have been very worried about this and I am asking you all to say a prayer for us. I believe the Lord knows all of our needs, so just mention us in your daily prayer.