Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ana's Dermatology Appointment

Ana had her second Dermatology appointment today and it went well. I felt so sorry for the Doctor and his nurse, I started crying in the room and they both started petting me telling me it was okay ( I was a little embarrassed, but a worried mom can't control herself) . Any-way, what the doctor said it could be one of 2 things, Xanthomgranuloma or Spitz Nevus. I have googled everything I can and read as much as I can and it goes along with the Doctor said. Now, the Doctor says the internet can be really worse than what the (her) case actually is. Just for comfort we will be going to local children's hospital for a second opinion. I asked a ton of question and got good answers. This is usually outgrown by 15 months, it does not cause her any discomfort or pain, not heredity, not caused by anything inparticular,  no medicine can be given for this at her age. He reassured me she was okay and she is not in any harm. We are just going to watch it and make sure it doesn't grow and go back in 6 months. Although, we will be going for our second opinion in August. Thanks for all the prayers. Here she is before bed time tonight.

All smiles! 


  1. She is such a cutie! I've never heard of either of those, but I'm glad it's usually outgrown.