Thursday, June 23, 2011

Michigan Vacation, Part 2

After spending some relaxing time at Aunt's house,we got to be a part of Zachary's birthday party. This was our first one we have ever been to and we were so thankful they had it while we were in town. Zachary turned 7!
The kids had been playing outside all day, so he's a little sweaty here. They had a blast and that's all that matters. We also went and visited a German town "Frankenmuth". I absolutely love this place. It is very unique in its own way and I could walk around forever. They were having their yearly Bavarian Festival and we got to watch a parade, it was 2 hours long, no joke. It was awesome. The kids loved it as well. 
 Family Picture (yes, we are all wearing tye-dye)

 Love this picture, Ashton holding the flag by Papa

 Guess who loved these Mighty Machines

That is a real person, so cool. The kids were so amazed. They could have watched for hours.
While we were there we ran into a pretty famous guy, anyone Guess? I will give you one hint we were kinda near the North Pole.
 Ana's first picture with Santa
This was at a restaurant in Frankenmuth, I felt so bad for him, Ashton was so into him. I don't know how he even ate, lol. He was so nice. On his hat it has the name "Flag" on it and you know me I can talk to anyone, so I ask "Why do you have Flag on your hat ?" He answered and come to find out he wrote a children's book " A Reindeer Named Flag" needless to say, I have ordered it off Amazon and I can't wait to get it. I'm going to put this picture in it. I thought it was so neat to meet this sweet guy.
We also went to the world famous "Bronners" a Christmas store full or ornaments, I am indeed in love. I go every time I am in Michigan. It is great. If you can look closely you can see Ashton looking up to Santa, he is so small compared to him. That's all for this post, next to come, family time and zoo trip. See you next time! 

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