Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It Finally Found Us

This past week/weekend the sick bug found us. Ashton went to the doctor on Friday, Analyn made her 1st sick visit on Saturday. Ashton had a sinus infection and he got antibiotics, the doctor told us Analyn was coming down with something we just caught it to early and they didn't want to give her any medicine, just watch for a few signs and bring her back if need be. She is doing good now, we just went through 2 sleepless nights. She was up every 10-15 minutes Saturday night, she was crying and I was on the verge of crying myself. I just felt so sorry for her, she was so uncomfortable.  She is doing much better now. Ashton on the other hand is still his happy little self and is about over this. I hate it when my babies are sick but thank goodness it didn't stay long. We ended our weekend with a nice sunny walk around the block, it done us good to breathe some fresh air!


  1. So glad they are both feeling better!

  2. Poor things. Can't hide forever though. It'll reach them some way or another. And it sucks!