Monday, January 3, 2011

Doctors & Visitors

Since, Analyn has been home we haven't been anywhere but to the doctor's office. We got a good report, except whenever I was expecting they noticed her kidney was dilated a little bit and that we would re-check it after birth, it was kinda common in babies, they had seen it before, not to panic. How could I not? Any-way, while she was in the NICU they did an ultrasound and it was still a little dilated, so at her well checkup they wanted to do another ultrasound and it was still dilated so they are referring us out to a specialist at one of the best known hospitals. I am trying to keep my out look positive and re-assure myself everything is going to be fine. They said most of the time they will grow out of this, hopefully. We go for that appointment in a few weeks, I will post with details after we go. The same day Analyn went for her well check up, Ashton hadn't been himself since about Christmas and we tried to do over the counter medicines, recommended by the pediatrician and they was not working. So he also saw the doctor, he ended up doing a breathing treatment in the doctor's office, being prescribed antibiotics and a steroid. I hate him being on medicine but especially a steroid. Then I tell myself they know what is best, not me, I am no doctor. He is almost done with his steroid and a few days left of the antibiotic and we are finished with his breathing treatments. Bless his heart it was very traumatic when he saw the nurse come in with the machine. He has a breathing machine at home (cute red firetruck) and he does it all by himself at home with it but in the office it was awful, we had to hold him down, he was so scared, it was so sad. All is well now and we are making a speedy recovery. Thank God! We have had lots of visitors coming to see our little one.
Nana, Daddy and Big Brother Cade
Cousin Gage 
Great Grand Parents : Pa & Granny
Great Grandmother: Granny 
Talking with my Daddy 
Any-ways, we have just been relaxing and taking it easy.  Ashton loves having his sister here and is such a big helper. I need to upload a ton of pictures onto the computer that has him loving on her. He is always telling me "Take our Picture" he just loves her so much. It is so sweet, such a big helper. I hope you have a wonderful evening and we will talk again soon. 


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