Thursday, January 6, 2011

Counting My Blessings

I am just enjoying spending time at home with these sweet babies and loving them like I've never loved before. I am so grateful and thankful God has given me the ability to carry these two inside my womb, to nurture and love them. I am so blessed to be their mother, I want nothing but the best for them for I have the best of both worlds. All I can think about is there are so many families out there that are going through trying times, babies are sick, family members are sick and even worse some are suffering with death. I have a heavy heart for those tonight as I sit and think about one family in particular who has just lost their baby today. I can't imagine how they are feeling, my heart is just breaking for them tonight. I just wanted to do a short post to say how thankful I am to God that I have healthy children and that he has given me the gift of motherhood. All us mothers out there know how we feel when are children are just sick but we haven't experienced what a lot of other parents are going through. Through blogging I have just come to realize how lucky I am, there are a ton of families out there who have been through so much and still pick their head up and carry on day to day. I am in deep prayer tonight for all of these families that I know that are going through trying times. Names does not matter so just please say a special prayer tonight for all the families out there that are going through hard and trying times.Remember to count your Blessings as well. 
Sweet Dreams


  1. Glad your little princess is finally home and getting good reports! Hope your having a great weekend!