Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Happenings

What's going on with us... well lets just say busy, busy, busy. This past week has just been so busy. Seems like there is something to do everyday. Started off pretty slow, Monday and Tuesday were quiet, just relaxing with my best friend. Some point about 2 weeks ago, I got it in my head we should have a 4 family yard sale. So, called everyone up and it was a go. I don't know if it is the pregnancy and you know how you get, everything has got to be neat and tidy, as organized as possible or what it was but I had to get rid of some stuff. So, onto Wednesday I really got into yard sale mode. Hubby and I, loaded everything I had here at the house and I headed to mom's house. Now, that was a truck load. When I got to mom's she had a trailer loaded down with stuff. At this point I was like where did all this come from and please tell me it's not all mine. I like a yard sale to be organized as possible as well, a pet peeve of mine is people asking "how much is this", I don't mind to be asked to come down, but if it's not marked , they don't know and who would buy something not priced? I know I wouldn't. So, I mark everything, label it with an A and try to sort it into piles or into categories. Okay, so we go through this stuff on the trailer and some of it was mine (not all of it thank goodness) some mom's and some of it was my sister in law, Chesney's. So, we all marked our own and got it done. I arrived at mom's around 9:30 that morning and didn't make it back to my house until about 9 p.m., if that tells you anything. We set everything up and was ready to go, made signs and thanks to brother and dad who put them out. Thursday, rise and shine (not really) yard sale here we come. Thanks to mom who got up and out there earlier than anyone else, for those early birds. I arrived around 7 and Chesney followed me in the drive, so here we all are, including pa and granny ready for business. We had a great Thursday yard sale. Friday, same routine, getting up early and ready to go but not really any shoppers. We closed up about noon, headed to town, dropped off stuff at Goodwill and headed to Sonic for lunch. We all must of been starving and not known it because we ate like we hadn't ate anything all day :) it was yum, yum. That evening granny had out done her self with a huge dinner, roast, potatoes, carrots, turnip greens, green beans, cornbread and white beans. It was delicious. That night, I was so exhausted and worn out. Thanks to hubby for rubbing my legs and feet, he is just so precious. Saturday, bright and early again, waking around 5:32 a.m., to attend Hubby's 10k. He did a great job and finished in 49 min and 43 seconds. Go Hubby!!! That afternoon, we attended my cousin's 11th birthday party, Happy Birthday, Malia. We had a wonderful time. Then Keith and I went to the MTSU football game for a little bit and then headed to his buddy's house to watch UT play. Sunday, family reunion, it is always so nice to see everybody and finally we end our weekend with a family trip to the park. We enjoyed about a 3 mile walk, playing in the creek and just spending time with each other. Now, it's back to the drawing board, as they say, for a new week is a bout to begin. From our family to yours we hope you have a great week.

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