Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Fun

We recently just got back from visiting my mom's family in Michigan and we had a blast. It had been a little over a year since we had all seen each other last and it was a great reunion. Getting Ashton ready for the long car ride, I had been explaining to him who we were going to go visit, Aunt Debbie, Uncle Jim, Jimmy, Grandpa and so on.. Well, Ashton had names of his own for them when we got there. Aunt Debbie was Debbie, Uncle Jim became Papa and Cousin Jimmy turned into Uncle Jim, isn't kids so funny. To be honest I think Papa (Uncle Jim) really ate it up :) Here is some pictures from our vacation.
On this day we went to the water park and the kids loved it. Left to Right: Gee Gee and Ashton, Aunt Debbie, Aunt Cindy and Tori and little Jeff.

Ashton and new Uncle Jim playing in the grass

We also went to a year round Christmas store (it was awesome) here we have: Gee Gee, Ashton (sleeping) Papa and Aunt Debbie
Ashton and his #1 Fan: Mama
We also had craft day and we made stepping stones. They turned out so beautiful. Gee Gee and Ashton making hand print in his stone.
Ashton and Grandpa. One of Ashton's favorite songs is Happy Birthday (isn't he so sweet), so no matter who's birthday it is or isn't, it's always Happy Birthday time to him. We sing that song in the car to everything, from the dirt to the tractor and even the candle in the cake. He's so precious.
In Michigan there is this pizza place close to their house and it is like so big, it fed all 8 of us. I could only eat a piece, it was huge. Ashton loved it too.
To break up our trip on the way home we stayed in a hotel and this is my sweet little man posing for me. He got these boots while on vacation and never wanted to take them off. He loves them (don't know if it's the boots or Buzz and Woody on them), but hes adorable in them. We had a great time, loved every minute of our trip. Ashton doesn't really understand just yet that we are so far away, he keeps talking about going and seeing them. So, we just look at pictures and talk about our family every day, for their in our hearts each and every day.

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