Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fair Fun

Fun at the FAIR

This week we took the kids to the fair and they had a BLAST!!! To be honest, I think we all did. This fair had the biggest midway I have ever seen. So many rides for the little ones. Ashton and Cadence, could ride some by themselves, but mostly wanted Gee Gee to ride with them. Don't they look so cute in the bumble bee... Tucker, even enjoyed the fair, probably dreaming of cotton candy..

They had many characters at the fair, here you can see Uncle Sam and Abraham Lincoln.
They handed out stickers that said " I met Abraham Lincoln at the Fair". Here you can see he is putting a sticker on Tucker.

The kids love the fair so much, we got to see a ton of stuff. They had the cutest animals that ran around in like a little oval pen and they raced. Ashton was #5 in the pig race, Cadence #5 in the duck race and they had a stubborn goat race, guess who they picked to participate in that... Gee Gee, she was number #5 as well. Needless to say our pig, duck, or goat never got first place, must of been that uneven #5. Now, we are all winners in our own unique individual ways, so no matter how our race's turned out we all had a great time at the fair.

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