Sunday, October 21, 2012

Life Lately....

Let's catch up, we just got back from a little vacation. We took the kids to Dolly Wood for the first time, I couldn't remember hardly anything about it so it felt like a first for me too. 

We saved the wet ride for last, needless to say we were not only wet but soaked... We paid to get in the family dryer. $3.00 for a little bit of warm air, felt great!
We stayed in a cozy cabin, in the mountains. It was relaxing and great spending time with the family.

 On our way home we drove through a safari, it was very neat and everyone enjoyed it. Some more than others....

 Love Gee's facial expression, we had feed in the white bucket and she didn't have a piece long enough to feed the llama, and was terrified when I would inch the window down... Analyn loved it!

These animals were all about sticking their head or most of their body in your car!
I rolled the window up on this one.. too close for comfort

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  1. I barely remember anything about Dollywood either except those cars! Looks like so much fun!! Love the animal safari, Easton would love that!