Thursday, August 2, 2012

Michigan Vacation 2012

They call me " Paparazzi", maybe because I only took 478 pictures on our vacation. I seriously love capturing those little moments when one day I will look back and remember what fun we had. I am going to break this vacation up by a few different post or it would be extremely long. I will try not to picture over-load. We left on Wednesday afternoon and arrived at my Aunt's around 3 a.m., the kiddos were so wired up to see them when we got there we didn't go to bed until around 5 or so. The next day (Thursday) we just laid back and relaxed. Went to dinner, a consignment store (Once Upon A Child) it was awesome, and to the park to let out some energy.

Friday, was Zoo day. It is always a must when we go and the kids love the train they have there.

They also have some animals we don't have at our Zoo, Rhinos & Camels...

Saturday morning before we left my Aunt had something special for the kids. Back in the spring when she was telling them about her garden she was getting ready to plant they told her to grow a few things they liked. Such as, hot-dogs, hamburgers, ice cream and cupcakes. Well, she did. It was so cute, she found all those items at the Dollar Tree (they are actually dog toys), placed them on little wooden sticks, and stuck them in her garden. She told them she needed to pick the garden before we left, did they want to help. Of course, they would, when they went outside this is what they found. So cute! 

More to come.....

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  1. Love the garden idea! Too cute!! Those rhinos look huge!