Tuesday, August 7, 2012

And it Comes to an End....

Vacation that is, it takes forever for it to come and passes by too quickly. We had lots and lots of fun on our trip and here is the final details. We celebrated a birthday for this little Princess, she is turning 5 soon!
 My Aunt is seriously cleaning all the time, she is also known as the "BLEACH QUEEN", the only woman I know who buys bleach in bulk from Sams.
 My little splash pad girl, she is so tiny to be almost 2, nothing compared to her brother!

 Our other Mama "Nancy" made us girls matching dresses for the trip. We loved them ...
 Can't go to the fair and not have your picture with the monkey, thanks Gee (only cost her $5.00, wonder what it will be in 10 years) ..
 Cleaned off my Great Grandparents grave and added new flowers, Ashton & Ana's Great, Great Grandparents.....
 Our family picture with Great Grandpa.... Love him so much! 

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