Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Last 27 Hours....

Have been full of doctor's visit's and a trip to the ER. We will start with Analyn, she has been to the doctor both yesterday and today, with viral symptoms, including a rash that wasn't there yesterday which we went back for today. It's VIRAL let it run its course, anybody else ever hear this? So after our first trip to the doctor we went to the zoo, Ashton fell and hit his head on a rock. Not a single tear shed but a growing punk knot sent this Mama into shear panic. We were not 10 ft. into the zoo's entrance when this happened, it wasn't a huge rock just an accident but we needed to have it checked out for it kept growing in front of my eyes. My bestie was with me, who is a nurse, she felt we needed to go to have it looked at as well. Just to let you know,  I am one of those Mama's that tend to freak out rather quickly. I'm working hard on trying to do better at that. I will upload a pic of his punk knot next post. I have had roughly 4 hours sleep and I am about to call it a night. Ashton is doing well and Analyn is fine during the day but is very restless at night but is sleeping at the moment, lol.

I am finishing up some of the last touches in Ana's room then will do a full post to show off her new room, which I'm loving. Seems like we have a few friends who are a little under the weather as well, praying for y'all too. Oh, did I mention Ashton only has 4 days of school left, time has flown by.....


  1. Bless his heart! So glad he is okay and it wasn't too serious. I can only imagine how scared you were!

    Can't wait to see the bedrooom reveal!

  2. Stopping by from Kelly's Korner. What beautiful blessings you have!

  3. I'm a new follower from Kelly's corner. Feel free to follow me as well :)