Monday, April 16, 2012

Ashton's New Room

As you know our house was listed on the market for over a year, due to the economy we will be living in our home for a few more years. We made the best out of it and since our home only had 3 bedroom and we needed 4 we converted our garage.... This is Ashton's new bedroom, construction theme.

walk-in closet on the left 

I could not be more happy than how it turned out. I just sat in there smiling when it was all finished, silly, I know. My dad and I worked so much in this room, so much quality time together. I love my bookshelves and the stripes on his wall. I am forever thankful for all the hard work my dad put into this room, I love it and so does Ashton!
He said " HE loves it 10!"


  1. I LOVE it! Yall did such a good job! I adore all the shelves!