Monday, March 5, 2012

Miles Away

It is too bad that often times we find ourselves missing our family. If you live 40 miles away or 600 it seems like they cross you mind at some point during the day. This will be my final post about this Michigan trip. I decided to title this "Miles Away" because that is only keeping us from seeing each other. If my Aunt and family lived down here or even close they would see us all the time. We miss them so much, Ashton adores my Aunt, just like I do. We had so much fun while we were up there and we really did much of nothing, just relaxing and spending time with one another.
 Lots and Lots
 of Hugs & Kisses 
 After Ashton's birthday party all the kids were tired from playing Play-Station Move. They all were ready to lay down and watch Lion King with Stephanie (Unlce's GF), they just love her. She is so sweet and is going to school to be a Pediatrician (glad to have one of those in the family). Here is what you look like playing Play-Station Move...

 They are blurry you have to MOVE so fast, I couldn't get a good picture, it was so much fun!
We had so much fun playing this, I am thinking about going and buying a game for our Wii. We had to be careful we didn't break one of Uncle's collector cases, as above you probably saw a ton of Jack Daniel bottles, Uncle collects those and every TN trip he likes to go to the distillery. My hometown is getting its own Distillery and I am excited about taking him there.
 Lots of playing with Play-Doh
Ana got a new baby doll, she is found a new love for her baby and it's so sweet
That about sums up our trip, we got to spend it just the way we wanted, with the ones we love most! 

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  1. Looks and sounds like yall had such a fun time! I know EXACTLY what you mean about miles away. I hate being miles away from yall and from all our family. I dream about the day we move HOME. :(