Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

We had a very busy and blessed Christmas this year. I am so thankful for all the many blessings our good Lord has given us, God is Good. As I sit down to post our Christmas and think about what I want to say, all that really comes to my mind is that we, as a family of 5 celebrated this holiday together. As you know, if you follow the story of our lives through this blog, you will know we welcomed our baby girl into the world, December 20th of last year, Analyn. She is such a pure bliss and joy along with our other 2 children, Ashton & Cade. When she was born she was in the NICU for 5 days, we are not for sure exactly what for other than her white blood cell count was way high which meant she had an infection, we don't know where and never will. On Christmas Eve last year all I remember was leaving the hospital without my baby girl, bittersweet if you will say. I was so overjoyed to finally be at home with my firstborn, Ashton and anxiously waiting the arrival of Santa but on the other hand coming home without the baby you have dreamed about coming home is very sad in itself. All along knowing we would be bringing her home a day later, Christmas day it was just bittersweet. It just reminded me of how grateful I am to have a healthy family, are we in 100% perfect health, no, but way better off than others. I think sometimes we often take for granted how healthy we are or that we can walk, run and play. So this Christmas to me it was all about spending time together and being with our family and friends, because that is what it's all about. Praising the Lord for all his marvelous works. With that being said, here's how we done Christmas in 2011.
 Family Tradition Baking Santa Cookies
 The messier the better

Moments never forgotten 
Ashton's School Program "Jingle Bells"
Cade's School Program (He played the Recorder)
 Remembered Pa Brown, Gone but Never Forgotten 
Witty Side Christmas 
We all sat at the table, we usually always split up going into living room/wherever to find a seat. It was so nice to all sit together

Everyone from youngest to oldest gets to sit in the HOT seat and I get so much laughter that my hubby goes after my uncle and before my mama. One old hubby... 
Brown Side Christmas

Our Christmas Morning....

 Ashton loves Adele (favorites are Rollign in the Deep, Rumor Has It & Someone Like You)

 Just what he asked for.. AN ORANGE BICYCLE!
As you can see here (well if a little more up close) Cade was not too thrilled about what Santa brought him. He is a "GAMER" (lover all things, Xbox,Playstation&Wii) and that should explain it all. Bless him, it was sad. Ashton on the other hand, jumping with joy and excitement. Analyn was not too much into it but this Mama is ready for warmer weather and hoping for a bicycle for her birthday.... So, I can pull Analyn in her pull along (as you can see far right corner). All in all we had a wonderful Christmas, hope you did too. We are so blessed.

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  1. LOL. Cade's face cracks me up. Poor thing. What was he wanting from Santa? Glad ya'll had a nice Christmas.