Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Today I'm....1 year old

Happy Birthday to the sweetest little girl. Analyn you are such a precious little girl with a big personality. It keeps growing more and more each day. You are starting to really show your true colors. You have the biggest brown eyes that grab anyone's attention that looks at you and a smile that just melts my heart. I am so proud to be your mommy, I love you with all my heart.
No words will ever explain how I feel about you or how much love I hold for you in my heart. I dream of great things for you. Your father and I are so ever grateful to our Heavenly Father who has richly blessed our lives with your presence. We love you so much.
You and your daddy share a special bond and it is just pure bliss to see you two interact with each other. I never can tell what you and daddy have going on, I walked around the corner and found you in the laundry basket. Y'all are pretty silly sometimes.
I will never forget the day you were born, meeting you for the first time and kissing those chunky cheeks. You are everything I have hoped for in a daughter. I love you so much. Happy 1st Birthday, Analyn Cersi.
We Love YOU!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ANA!!!!!! Can't believe it's been a year already! I hate how fast time flies.

    (This is Ashley... It wouldn't let me post from my google account for some reason!)

  2. Happy birthday to Analyn! It doesn't seem like she should be year already. Seems like just yesterday we stopped by to see yall at the hospital.