Sunday, December 11, 2011

All She Wants for Christmas....

Is her 2 front teeth! I noticed them the other night while we were out shopping with Gee Gee (12/6) and I got so excited. They were just barely breaking through the skin and they are still not all the way through as of today. She is finally getting teeth, Ashton was a late getting his teeth and she is just following in his footsteps. We have been enjoying the festive holiday events such as our hometown Christmas parade... Bubba (Ashton) was in the parade riding the famous "Thomas the Train" .
 Choo, Choo
Ashton is in the middle, his Grandpa on his Dad's side built this..
Santa & the Mrs. 
Tucker with Great "Pa" & Analyn & Gee.
We all really enjoyed the parade. I think Analyn's favorite part was the fire trucks and police vehicles. She loved the noise, as you can see Mom is covering her ears. I honestly thought it would be too much and she would cry but I was wrong. I am enjoying this holiday season so much and can't wait for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It is just 14 days away...... Are you ready

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