Monday, October 3, 2011

August Recap

Better late than never, I think I say this every month. This is what our August 2011 was like: Family Style.

August 1-7

  • Ashton had Day School orientation, we met Mrs. Stephanie
  • Got to meet up with Easton & Lana, had a great time. Hope to see them again soon

August 8-14
  • Ashton had his 1st day of Day School, I left crying like a BABY...
  • We got our miniature horses (Lighting McQueen & Snowflake Tinkerbell)

August 15-21
  • Celebrated Cadence's 4th Birthday
  • Analyn got her ears pierced
  • First football game of the year, Go Garrett!

August 22-31
  • We went to the Zoo, Tucker & Ana, 1st time
  • Celebrated Gee Gee's Birthday

Happy August !

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