Friday, September 2, 2011

Catching Up

We have been super busy, having lots of fun....A few weeks ago my Niece celebrated her Birthday and on her Birthday she wanted to go to the Zoo. Her Birthday fell on a Monday and that was like the best day to go to the Zoo, nobody was there. They have this huge like Jungle Play area there and the kids had it all to themselves, it was so nice. Not crowded at all, my kind of Zoo day. We all had a blast, check the Zoo off of Ana & Tucker's, first time/place to visit list. She was very into all the animals to be so little, so would just watch them and get excited when they move and kick her little legs 90 to nothing in her stroller. Cadence & Ashton was very into detail this time, wanting to know all about each and every animal.
Just getting started

 Best $9.00 spent all day

Mommy's Little Monkey

 They loved playing in the Bamboo

 One of my favorite pictures 

 Elephants to me are amazing, so beautiful. I could of watched them all day

 Ana loved riding in this, she is getting so BIG
See ya Later Alligator! 

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  1. These zoo pictures are sooooo good!! We love the zoo, too! Maybe we can go sometime!