Thursday, August 4, 2011

Play Date with Easton

What a great way to start a Tuesday, with a play date. Our friends Lana & Easton met us at the mall to play and for lunch. We had a great time, wish they lived closer. Ashton loves Easton to pieces and gets so excited when he gets to see him. Of course, Ashton immediately wanted him to start playing a running with him. They had a good time. 
 Ana looks so big wearing her Jellies 
 Ashton being a bridge
 Ashton & Easton 
 Easton hard at play
 I thought it was so sweet Easton would play with the Raccoon face 
Ashton loved jumping in and out of the boat, he is all boy! 

Thanks for meeting up with us, we had a great time.

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  1. Cute! We too got to see sweet Easton on Sunday. I wasn't feeling to well so I didn't even get the camera out! :( He's such a sweet little baby though. Can't wait til Lana and her family can be back in TN with us!