Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July Recap

Our July 2011, this month was a busy one as well. I am loving raising my two children and bring a stay at home mom. I am so thankful I am able to do this. This is what our July looked like broke down into weeks.

July 1-7
  • Our house has been on the market for 3 Months, still praying for a sale, soon!
  • We celebrated the Fourth of July with cookouts and a fun trip to Lake Winnie
July 8-14
  • Analyn had her 6 Month Well Check-up
  • This week we ended up going to the Doctor 3 times, Ashton had another sinus infection. He has had a very hard time with these this year.  Just this month alone he has had two so far these month. The first time around he took antibiotic for 10 days and this last time around for 14 days. The Dr. said it could be hereditary or it could just be he has very sensitive sinus's. We are hoping he doesn't have another one for a long time.  Analyn also went to the Dermatologist for the bump on her shoulder, the Dr. said we would just watch it, but we are going for a second opinion in August. 
July 15-21
  • Ana went back to the Dermatologist for another spot that has came up on her head, Dr. said we would just watch it, but we are going for our second opinion in August.
  • We went to the Summer Reading Program at Church, 1st. We just started attending a new church and I am loving it, so does the kids. 
July 22-28

  • Our relatives came in from Michigan, we had lots of fun. 
  • Celebrated the Hubby's Birthday
  • Attended Summer Reading Program at Church 
 July 29-31
  • We celebrated Saiylor's Birthday

That's our July!

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