Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School

My baby went to school for the first time, Thursday. I felt as if I was watching the clock every 30 minutes or so and looking over his schedule from his teacher of how their day was planned out, to see what he was doing. Not only to mention, you would of thought I was leaving a funeral instead of taking my child to preschool. I shed several tears but I knew in my heart he was having a good time. Indeed, he loved it. He did very well whenever I left him,he went and sat with his "girlfriend" Makenna on the mat and was ready to go. I was so excited when 1:30 rolled around so I could go and pick him up. When I got there he was ready and showed me what number he sat on while waiting for me to get there, #3. His teacher even complemented on how smart he was and she knew I must work with him. That meant so much to me. She even wrote on his paper that comes home after every school day, Ashton is very smart. I am so thankful he enjoyed himself.
 Ready for School (look at these dimples, could just fall right in them) 
 Loving some ORANGE shoes 
 Ashton & Mama 
When we got out of the car at school, I took a few more pictures. 
 I think he is thinking Mom, enough already. Haha
Love his nap mat, so cute! 

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  1. I LOVE his monogrammed nap mat! That is darling!!

    I'm so glad his first day at school went GREAT! Maybe one day we'll move back and I'll be his teacher!!